CERI: Bawang Putih dan Bawang Merah

CERI wants to tell you about a story of Bawang Putih, a kind girl who lived with her step-mother and step-sister named Bawang Merah. The step-mother was always mad at Bawang Putih, because she never loved her. One day, while Bawang Putih was washing some clothes in the river, her step mother’s blouse was accidentally swept away. How will she face her step-mother's anger? Can she find the blouse? You can find the answer in the story of "Bawang Putih dan Bawang Merah"

Special Key Features:

  • Charming and beautiful graphics
  • Good story
  • No violence
  • Interesting interactive activities
  • Attractive background music and sound effects
  • Bilingual
  • Library that connected to the AppStore

Available On:

  • Free Version
  • Premium Version
  • Free Version
  • Premium Version